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Whey Protein

Non-Complete Nutrition Formula
  • Non-Complete Nutrition Formula

    Whey Protein

    Applicable Objects

    1. People with weak body, low immunity, frequent fatigue and poor nutrition;

    2. Patients whose protein intake is insufficient due to various reasons and whose albumin is clinically lower than normal level

    Product Features

    1.100% quality whey protein

    2. High protein utilization rate, more complete absorption

    3.80% high purity protein content

    4. Good solubility and easy brewing

    5. Small bag packaging for single brewing, which is convenient to carry

    Formula Features:

    The raw materials of this product are selected from one of the largest suppliers of milk nutrition products in the world, Fonterra has over 80 years of experience in milk nutrition products. Its research and development center is ahead of the world, and its food safety supervision and quality are better than world standards.