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Complete Nutrition Formula
  • Complete Nutrition Formula

    AquireN a,complete nutrition

    Applicable Objects

    1. Inpatients with nutritional risk (NRS2002 ≥ 3 points)

    2. Patients with radiation therapy and chemotherapy

    3. People with hyperlipidemia and require low-cholesterol diet

    4. Patients before and  surgery  and in convalescent period

    5. People who don't get enough nutrition

    6. Middle-aged and old people

    Product Features

    1. High dietary fiber content (1.6g/100kcal), conducive to maintaining normal intestinal function

    2. With medium chain fatty acid (MCT) and can supply energy rapidly

    3. Taurine is added to enhance immunity

    4. Independent packaging, convenient to use

    Formula Features

    This product provides comprehensive and balanced nutrition, which helps to improve the nutritional status. It can be used as a single source of nutrition as well as a supplement to daily diet, providing appropriate nutrition support for people with rehabilitation needs and health maintenance.