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Cancer-Specific Enteral Nutrition Formula
  • Cancer-Specific Enteral Nutrition Formula

    Ensource , complete nutrition for cancer patient  a

    Applicable People:

    1. Patient with cancer therapy(surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.)

    2. Long-term oral supplentment for outpatient after hospital

    Product Features

    1. High protein -7.2g/100ml, providing 22% of caloric distribution ,100% of high quality protein

    2. High content of ω3 fatty acids - 0.7 g / 100 ml, ω6 fatty acids : ω3 fatty acids = 2:1, which can reduce inflammatory reaction enhance immunity

    3. High fat, low sugar - fat supply accounting for 45%, and carbohydrate supply accounting for 33%. The formula design is in line with the metabolic characteristics of tumor patients and meets the long-term ONS demand

    4. Small volume, high energy, fast energy supply and supplement energy consumption

    5. Nucleotides and tauriney added into improve the immunity of the body and the cachexia status

    Formula Features

    This product is designed for patients with dystrophic tumor with a specific formula of complete nutrition , which can be used as a single nutritional source for patients. This product is mainly protein, fat and carbohydrate. Protein is an important material necessary for human life activities and is conducive to the formation and growth of tissues. It contains ω-6 fatty acids and ω-3 fatty acids, providing the necessary fatty acids. Adding dietary fiber helps maintain normal intestinal function.