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Diabetes-Specific Enteral Nutrition Formula
  • Diabetes-Specific Enteral Nutrition Formula

    StableN Diabetes Full Nutrition Formula

    Applicable Objects

    1. Active treatment of diabetic patients

    2. Patients with tumor complicated with diabetes and tumor complicated with hyperglycemia

    3. Cancer patients who are resistant to high-fat formula

    4. Cancer patients with fluctuating blood glucose

    Product Features

    1. High dietary fiber, improve postprandial blood glucose metabolism and long-term diabetes control

    2. High mono-unsaturated fatty acids, good for heart health and suitable for long-term use

    3. Low glycemic index (GI value 35) helps stabilize blood glucose

    4. Strengthen chromium, zinc and magnesium, and enhance insulin sensitivity

    Formula Features

    The nutrients provided in this product are in line with the metabolic characteristics of diabetic patients. The main sources of carbohydrate in the formula are resistant dextrin, chrysanthemum powder and dietary fiber. Rich dietary fiber helps maintain gastrointestinal function.